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What scenes can use the advertising projector?

2021-09-11  618

When talking about the advertising projector, I think everyone would not be strange. As a brand new advertising media, the advertising projector which can be seen many places is an advertising projection. The following is advertising projector lamps that can be seen everywhere on the street.


It is the principles of light imaging using high-power projection equipment, select a high-light source and superimpose the light piece. It projects the advertising contents of the light to the projection advertising surface required by the customers, and it constitutes a highly visual impact advertising effect. 


So what scenes are suitable for the Noparde advertising projector?

Noparde advertising projector can be used indoors and outdoors. It can advertise for buyers in shop windows or projected on the outdoor floors as wall advertising.


Noparde advertising projector applies to various occasions, especially the department stores, professional retailers, banks, hotels, office buildings, exhibitions, restaurants, museums, galleries, photo studios, radio stations, car 4S shops, large-scale event stage functions and reception halls. Large-scale equipment is also suitable for outdoor advertising places such as sports arenas, theme parks, commercial plazas, and pedestrian streets. The following is landscape projector that project the scenic spots.

gobo project lots of flowers colorful image on the ground

Noparde advertising projector is a kind of environmental protection, efficient and fashionable new advertising product. Because the replacement of the advertising only needs to replace the lamp. There are no such questions as the long construction period, high price, and complicated review procedures for traditional posters and signs. Compared with traditional media, projection advertising only requires light pieces and saves time, cost and doesn’t take up the places. It sets the making pictures and cost-reducing to invest capital.

In addition, the debugging of the Noparde advertising projector device is simple and convenient without special guards. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving advertising method, and the market prospects are very good. The current fierce competition in various industries requires more publicity and implementation.


Noparde advertising projector uses 512 projectors to control, the projection effect changes pattern synchronously, and the effect is very beautiful. When talking about other light functions of the Noparde projector, such as dynamic, rotating, fluttering effects, people easily pay attention to its novel and unique expression and attract people on the streets.


Nowadays, many shops’ products are changing rapidly, and the competition of advertising malls is increasing. It requires the media by advertising to have higher sensitivity and novelty. Noparde projector publishes the advertisement screen or replaces the advertisement content quickly, and it’s suitable to operate in the city business advertising highly!

Store drainage artifact--the advertising projector Noparde 50W Global Custom Gobo Projector Outdoor Led Rotating Advertising Gobo Light Logo Projector Light