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What is the difference between a beam light and a moving head light?

2023-08-03  223

Beam lights and moving head lights are two common types of lighting equipment, which differ in function and lighting effect. For those who run bars, hotels and other venues, it is very important to understand the difference between beam lights and moving head lights, because only by figuring out their features can you buy the right product for your needs.

First of all, beam lights and moving head lights both use light bulbs, but the power and function are different. Beam lights belong to the spotlight category of lamps and lanterns, which have a more pronounced beam of light, and are mainly used for lighting and creating a sense of light beams. Beam lights are suitable for use in bars, hotel banquets and other venues, which can enhance the venue's beam effect and make the whole space more dazzling. However, beam lights have a certain impact on the fullness and splendor of the light pattern, so they may be relatively inferior to moving head lights in this regard.

Moving head lights are mainly used to create lighting gobo effects. A gobo projector shines a cone of light by means of a shaking head, spreading the light over a much larger area than a beam light. The lighting effects of the moving head light show more of a soft, intellectual artistry. Under the background of choreography and singing, the moving head light can create soft and gorgeous images and a warm and romantic atmosphere. Through the collocation of different color lights, moving head lights can present a rich variety of lighting effects, giving people visual enjoyment.

In practice, beam lights and moving head lights usually need to be used in conjunction with each other to achieve the best lighting effect. In bars, hotels, banquets and other places, lighting design is very important, need to take into account the characteristics of beam lights and moving head lights, according to the needs of the place and the expected effect, choose the right lighting equipment. Beam light can be used for the opening show's close-up, with strobe effect, to create a passionate visual impact; and moving head light can be used to create a soft and gorgeous stage effect, giving the audience a pleasant audio-visual enjoyment.

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