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What’s a logo projector and what’s its use?

2021-09-15  501

A logo projector is a lamp that projects logos. Logo projector uses the principle of mirror reflection to project the logo for advertising, rendering atmosphere and other purposes. In short, it projects any logo on the carrier wall, ground and any structure through this lamp product.

Logo projection product, called logo projector in the markets is made into a lamp, and the light is focused on the lamp films, then it can be imaged through the mirror reflection principle. Logo projector, whose effect is very good in the physical stores is a promotion style through many businesses choose.


The common application scenarios in logo projector:

Outdoor advertising publicity、exhibition hall leading、the brand buildings of companies logo、the projection of shops、cafe’s shop indoors and atmosphere building. Logo projector’s use is very easy. It is the first choice to make gobos that need to be projected. Common gobos have multiple colors, such as monochromatic, two-color, and multi-color. And then, it puts the pattern pieces on the base of the logo projector, opens the logo projector,projects the logo projector into the ground,and then reflects on the wall. Because every customer has different needs, the manufacture would usually be shipped without adjusting it, and the customer needs to adjust it manually.


The application scenarios and advantages of the logo projector:

1.Logo projector can lead the usage in the physical stores externally through the promotion information to project publicity and attract the customers’ eyes, and it forms an eyeball economy.

2.Logo projector can create brands and build the image of the brand. There is a word to say: the customers wouldn’t know what they need. The providers require all needs that this leads to creating the brand image and its important position.

3.Physical stores projection internally: it can improve the activities of the consumption. If you usually hang on the shops, whether you know that we have made the purchase budget. When we go to the scenes and can’t control our hands, we would buy many things; And the projection products play a vital role in publicity. How we can improve the overall consumption of customers more diversified for the customers, who come to the store is a problem that every business must consider, and take corresponding operational measures in time.

Where can the logo projector be used? How do you choose a suitable projector for lighting projects?