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How do you choose a suitable projector for lighting projects?

2021-09-16  511

There is no strange about the projection products for the light engineering business. Considering that there are many kinds of decoration lamps on the project site, it leads to the high brightness of the scene environment and increases the projector's requirements. It’s a big challenge to use projection lamps.

Choosing a projector is a technological problem. In addition to the normal function of the projection, we would consider that the interference caused by the channeling of the external lights will not affect the progress of the projection projects.

In the lighting projects, we advise that you choose the projector with low energy consumption and high optical power, and it can minimize the project costs of the entire project. Why don’t you suggest choosing high power projection? There are some followings.

1. The cost is high.
2. The power supply lines will be enlarged, and it will increase the cost.
3. Supper high power projector will increase the power of the controller.
4. Using the supper high-power will increase the overall operating cost.

In a small lighting project, we recommend using a projector of 65 watts to 85 watts. In the projection industries, the lamp power is not proportional to the optical power. The higher the power, the lower the efficiency.


Relying on high power to meet the lighting effect is a non-energy-saving performance but a manifestation of a waste of social resources. The greater the projector's power, the higher the light efficiency, and the brighter the brightness.

Take us as an example. Our projector-led lamp beads' luminous efficiency is 100-110 lm/w, while the luminous efficiency of the metal halide lamp is lower, only 50-90 lm/w. So when choosing the projector, we should pay attention to the projection projects and lamp power.

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