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What is a gobo projector?

2023-02-17  293

A gobo projector is a lighting device that projects patterns or images on a surface or background. The term "gobo" is short for "Go Between," which refers to a thin metal or glass plate that is placed in front of the light source to create a pattern or image.


The gobo itself is typically a small, flat, circular disc with a design etched into it. The design can be anything from a simple geometric pattern to a complex image or logo. When the gobo is placed in front of the light source, the image or pattern is projected onto a surface or background.


Gobo projectors are commonly used in stage productions, concerts, nightclubs, and other events where lighting effects are important. They can create a wide range of visual effects, including textures, colors, and patterns. Some gobo projectors can even create moving patterns or images by using a rotating disc.


In addition to traditional lighting applications, gobo projectors are also used in architectural lighting to project patterns or images onto buildings or other structures. They are often used for outdoor events or to highlight specific features of a building or landscape.

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