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What is a gobo projector light used for?

2023-02-23  322

A gobo projector is a type of lighting fixture that is commonly used in theater, events, and architectural lighting to project a pattern or image (known as a "gobo") onto a surface. The gobo itself is a small, etched metal or glass plate that is placed inside the projector and illuminated by a light source. When the light shines through the gobo, it creates a pattern or image that can be projected onto walls, floors, or other surfaces.


Gobo projectors are often used to create atmospheric lighting effects, add texture or interest to a scene, or to project a logo or branding image onto a surface. They are available in a range of sizes and styles, from small portable units to large-scale installations. Some gobo projectors also feature color filters or rotating gobos, which can create dynamic and colorful lighting effects.


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