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Can you make your own gobo?

2023-02-24  374

Yes, it is possible to make your own gobo. Here are the steps to create a custom gobo:

1.Choose the design or image that you want to project. This can be a logo, text, or any other graphic design.


2.Create the design in a vector-based software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. The design should be in black and white and in the correct size and resolution for your projector.

3.Print the design on a clear acetate sheet using a laser printer. The image should be printed in mirror image so that it will be projected correctly.


4.Cut out the design using a sharp knife or a special gobo cutter. Be careful to cut along the lines of the design and not to damage the surrounding material.

5.Insert the gobo into the projector and test it to ensure that the image is projected correctly.


Note that making a custom gobo requires some specialized tools and skills, so it may be easier and more cost-effective to order a custom gobo from a professional manufacturer.

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