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Traffic safety and zebra crossing projection lights collocation way

2022-06-12  770

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, vehicles are becoming more and more common, followed by the traffic safety problems that people often worry about.The cause of traffic accidents is generally inattention, hurry, traffic lights are not conspicuous and so on, often have a lucky psychology, but more likely to lead to the occurrence of accidents.


So how to avoid and solve this problem?

The first is the popularization of traffic safety knowledge.Our country is also doing more and more perfect.For example, outdoor led display screens are installed at the gate of community, playing animations, cases, traffic safety knowledge, etc., so that everyone can realize the importance of traffic safety.Secondly, when we are waiting for the traffic lights, there will be a reminder not to run the red light, to remind the passers-by who are not focused.

But traffic accidents may often occur in some places of bad sight.However, the environment is dark at night, want to remind drivers or pedestrians, like the new traffic warning zebra crossing projection light is a very good choice.


Zebra crossing projection lights generally use high-power projection lights, projection patterns are large, projection patterns are bright and high-definition, do not worry about the dark environment at night, can timely remind passers-by and vehicles, attract the attention of passers-by, effectively regulate pedestrian traffic behavior, improve the urban traffic order.

zebra crossing projection lights can not only project zebra crossing, other content can also be customized.For example, pedestrian reminder, illegal stop taking photos, waiting outside zebra crossings, speed limit signs and so on can be, both bright and high-definition.

Can rest assured that outdoor use, the integrated design waterproof sealing is better and more resistant to corrosion resistance, Kraft waterproof sealant + polymer high temperature resistant material waterproof silicone pad waterproof effect is better.IP65 level waterproof can be used safely outdoors, not only waterproof and more resistant to high temperature and low temperature, whether in the northeast minus heavy snow, or in Guangzhou late summer sunny, -40℃ ~60℃ can be used safely.


So the traffic safety and zebra crossing projection lights are the best match!"There are thousands million roads, the first safety.Driving is not standard, relatives two lines of tears ", also hope that in front of the screen everyone can pay attention to their own safety, safe travel safe home!


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