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The preferred product for outdoor lighting- changeable projector

2022-01-13  521

Outdoor projection changeable projector is the preferred product for outdoor lighting. We can say from the following aspects.

Outdoor projection requires high brightness than indoor projection. When using outdoor projection and outdoor lighting projects, it is necessary to choose high-power projector products, and the changeable projector meets requirements. The changeable projector has the characteristic of high power, long projection distance and high projection brightness. The following are the characteristic of the changeable projector.


1. Large selection space: the power can be rotated to choose the projector product suitable for your power according to your actual situation.

2. Easy installation: it can be projected remotely without destroying the coordination of the current landscape, ensuring the complete display of the landscape.

3. Changeable picture projection: it can avoid the aesthetic fatigue of customers.

4. Reducing energy consumption: traditional wall washers or billboards have the disadvantages of high power and high energy consumption. In contrast, the changeable projector has low energy consumption and can be used continuously, and it has its fan heating function.

The following outdoor projection lighting projects can be completed using changeable projectors to complete lighting lamps.

1. The hotel lighting projection can change the changeable projector as the lighting lamp.

2. For shopping mall lighting, you can choose a changeable projector as a brand lighting projector.

3. Garden scenic spots, playgrounds, and other places can choose changeable projectors as landscape lighting products.

4. Outdoor venues need to be brightened, and they can be used as a lighting tool to increase brand awareness.

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The scenic area surrounded by the projection of water ripples raises the grade HD lighjting landscape waterproof remote control changeable projector