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The importance of outdoor projection advertising content design

2022-05-05  839

Outdoor projection advertising is the trend of the times, and it is also a form of outdoor advertising display. The display of any advertisement is inseparable from the carrier of communication and the construction of content. The carrier of advertising communication used in outdoor projection advertising is "advertising projection lamp" Now, advertising projection lamp products are projection lamps developed according to optical principles. Advertising projection lamps are widely used in the field of outdoor advertising because of their low cost, easy installation, and good advertising display effects.


Outdoor projection advertising naturally needs to face the problem of content design: Outdoor advertising projection also needs to be rigorous in content design. Compared with online advertising, outdoor advertising content design should do more work in these areas. Advertising theme is the main component of advertising positioning "advertising content"; advertising planning The theme of advertising is activities The basics. According to different advertising needs, to produce different advertising content, such as the need to do brand promotion, then we need to focus on the sense of honor of the brand, the differentiation between the brand and the well-known peers, and do differentiated marketing. If the main promotion is the product, then the popularity of the product, and the comparison with the same type of products, these characteristics should be displayed on the advertising content.

Outdoor advertising projection content is conceived to make advertising "move"


When thinking about the content of outdoor advertising projection, we need to consider making the advertisement "move". Here we need to pay attention to the moving of the advertisement. It does not mean that the advertisement is fluttering, rotating, sliding, etc. to directly adjust the display content of the advertisement, but to let the advertisement The content of the advertisement projection becomes vivid, for example: we are promoting a shampoo, so when promoting the shampoo, the scene needs to be integrated to make the advertisement more vivid.


To make the content of outdoor advertising projection resonate with the audience, as long as it can resonate with 50% of your audience, then your outdoor projection advertising is successful; whether it is outdoor projection advertising or paper media advertising or It is an advertisement on online media, whether it can resonate with the audience is to determine the success of an advertising project.

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