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The Importance of Advertising in Life

2023-08-22  208

Smart projection advertising has become an integral part of life. In the era of media convergence, new media advertising has emerged. With the rapid development of network technology and digital technology, a variety of network terminal products are emerging, information dissemination has entered a new media era, and the rise of new media has had a profound impact on the advertising industry.

Intelligent era has come. In recent years, people have been complaining more and more about the light pollution of LED display, and the city management and environmental protection departments of many cities have begun to implement standardized management of LED display in public places. This has led to the limitation of LED display in outdoor applications. Due to the rapid changes in outdoor ambient temperature, LED display will produce a certain amount of heat when working. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat cannot be dissipated in time, the integrated circuits will easily malfunction or even be burned, resulting in the display system not being able to be used normally.

With the accelerated pace of life, people need to get more timely information. Light and shadow material display technology makes the information transfer in life more convenient and fast.

1、 light and shadow material display technology can be station information and notification of timely delivery to the ticket window or a more crowded public environment, so that passengers can understand the relevant information in a timely manner.

2、shopping malls in the window can also be used in light and shadow material display technology, holographic window projection advertising can be timely delivery of product information and brand value, and shape the brand image.

3、 chain restaurants or hotels can display information through the front of the light and shadow material display technology, convenient for customers to understand the situation in the store.

Enterprises and local governments in the cultural construction, also need more creative display program.

4、 light and shadow object display technology can through a variety of presentation methods to disseminate cultural characteristics to customers and the public.

At the same time when the application of LED display screen is restricted, intelligent projection advertisement has become the new favorite of outdoor new media. Intelligent projection advertisement adopts advertisement release system and professional gobo projector, which can realize various functions such as platform linkage, instantaneous time division online transmission and remote timing control. The unique way of displaying can attract pedestrians' eyes and attention. And its dynamic, large format and other features are very capable of attracting the attention of pedestrians, which strengthens the acceptance and effect of the advertisement.

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