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Holographic Wedding Banquet

2023-08-22  254

Holographic wedding banquet is a banquet form based on 3D holographic projection technology. Through the use of large-scale ring screen, 3D holographic projection, 3D ring screen, phantom imaging, gobo projector, T-stage interaction, holographic choreography, sound and light, and other technological elements, the 270 ° stereoscopic imaging system, holographic imaging system, and T-stage interaction system are applied to the traditional banquet hall. With the mutual cooperation of these systems, a visual feast with holographic immersive effect is presented, and the immersive atmosphere of different scenes, such as the primitive forest, the underwater world and the romantic flower sea, can also be displayed. This innovative approach changes the fixed props form of traditional banquet halls and creates a variety of scene change possibilities for banquet halls. Through the use of high-tech holographic image technology, a realistic stage 3D stereoscopic interactive projection effect is presented, and the guests can feel an immersive viewing sensation, as if they were in a magnificent movie.

Through the holographic digital upgrading of traditional banquet halls, holographic wedding banquet will originally need to spend millions of dollars to achieve the effect of the Spring Festival Gala-like wedding reduced to tens of thousands of dollars of civilian consumption level. This technology can be applied not only to wedding banquets, but also to baby banquets, birthday banquets, birthday banquets, event launches, company annual meetings and so on. In addition, the technology can also be applied to 4D tourist attractions development, cultural city, water curtain movie and other fields.

Banquet reform is the inevitable trend of banquet development. Banquet culture from the emergence of so far has experienced change, innovation, standardization, and then change, re-innovation, and then standardization of the evolution and development. In the 21st century today, we are in the era of accelerating reform, expanding openness, accelerating economic development and pioneering. All areas of life must be reformed, and banquets are no exception. Personalized service, diversified banquets, business conglomerate and the wide application of new technologies and green hotels will be the five major trends in the development of the hotel industry in the 21st century. Through the introduction of holographic wedding banquet as a technological innovation, the banquet industry is also actively responding and adapting to these trends. The emergence of holographic wedding banquets provides new ideas and opportunities for the banquet industry in terms of customer service, banquet format and technological innovation.

In this era full of opportunities and challenges, the banquet industry should keep pace with the times and continue to innovate and reform in order to be invincible in the fierce competition. Holographic wedding banquet, as a brand new form of banquet, brings new possibilities and new directions for the development of banquet industry. Through continuous technological upgrading and innovation, it is foreseeable that holographic wedding banquets will become the standard for banquet halls in the future, bringing customers a more unique and unforgettable banquet experience. This advancement in technological innovation will drive the banquet industry to realize new breakthroughs and enhancements in service quality, banquet experience and market competitiveness.

Holographic wedding banquets represent the future of the banquet industry, and its emergence not only satisfies people's demand for freshness and excitement, but also creates a more prosperous and creative era for the banquet industry. Whether it is a wedding banquet, baby banquet, birthday banquet, birthday banquet or other banquet forms, holographic banquet forms will bring people a brand new banquet experience and audio-visual feast.


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