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The effect of the water wave projector for road lighting

2022-01-03  1,197

Road lighting is an important step to building a smart city. The water wave projector is a projection lamp to create an atmosphere according to the scene of the water wave flow.

The application of water wave projector is divided into indoor non-waterproof and outdoor waterproof projectors. The color of the water wave projector can be changeable, and it can be displayed in full-color, monochrome water wave display and water wave superimposed display. And the fluctuation range of the water ripple can be adjusted. The following is the effect of the water wave projector on-road lighting.

Using a water wave projector for the road lighting uses the color of the water wave projector suitable for the venue according to the site environment. In addition to road lighting, it is used to project the effect on building exterior walls, bridges, roads and garden landscape lighting objects to increase the artistic beauty of the building improve the grade of the building. And the water wave projector can also achieve this effect.

The water wave projector has the advantages of high-definition and high brightness. In addition to lighting on the road, they can also render the scene's atmosphere. What's more, it can show your advertisement more brilliantly and spread more secretly. The water wave projector can unconsciously take the elements of advertising publicity into the customers' minds. The following is the advertisement publicity for the water wave projector.


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