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The creator of night art-the water wave projector

2022-01-17  493

It is not strange for everyone when it comes to the water wave projector. Compared with the traditional floodlights, wall washers and other floodlight structure lighting fixtures, traditional beam lights, dyeing lights and other stage performance lighting, water wave projectors are a new force, and they have a strong presence in both scene lighting and architectural lighting. The following is the lighting water wave effect.


The water wave projector belongs to a kind of effect light. It first appeared in the stage effect. It can simulate various natural scenes according to the needs of the plot and atmosphere. With the further pursuit of “beauty” in landscape lighting, water wave projectors with 3 functions of “lighting, dynamic and special effects” are commonly used in outdoor lighting.

Why do we seem to love the water wave effect more? The following is the answer.

From ancient times to the present, water has been a high-level quality in people’s hearts. People always have a special affection for water that is closed and revered. Living by the water has become the primary choice for human habitation since ancient times.

Whether it is a park trail or an underground passage, you can use the water wave projector to embellish, the water wave projector can play a role in lighting, and it is also a beautiful landscape at night.


In different states and different projection media, the water wave projector presents a variety of poses and expressions. And it also has a valuable feature, which is dynamic. It has a different emotional expression according to adjusting the speed.

A good water wave projector should have a clear center and edge. The water wave projector uses the principle of optical projection to achieve the effect of water wave rolling and fluctuating, water droplets flowing or ripples.

The water wave projector originates from reality and goes beyond reality. Under the premise of restoring the shape of the water wave to a maximum extent, it should have a certain imagination space, which is also the value of water wave projector art.

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