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The concept and advantages of interactive table

2023-08-19  214

An interactive projection table is a multimedia device that enables human-computer interaction and has many advantages. It can be sensed and triggered to realize interactive operation of the digital content in the image. The round interactive table has a rotating function, which makes it easy for guests to view from all directions, while the Desktop Interactive Projection has a precise touch control function, supports simultaneous operation by multiple people, and can rotate the display content. It combines image viewing, video and games, and can be customized to meet your needs. In addition, the interactive table can support any shape of device and is compatible with any gobo projector and display.

The highlight of the Interactive Projection Table is that it focuses on human-computer interaction, does not require a capture card, and can be adapted to any shape of desktop, as well as any combination of projections and displays. It is very simple for installation and use, only requires four-point calibration and debugging, and has a very high cost performance without a capture card. In appearance, the interactive table design is simple and beautiful, the volume of the whole device is small, there is no messy wiring, users can use the whole remote control for operation.

The interactive projection table has a wide range of application scenarios. It can be used in many fields such as product design and development, map guiding, photo browsing, exhibition demonstration, online games and so on. Users can control the operation with their fingers, while the content displayed can be specialized content provided by the users themselves, or a universal template can be used according to the users' needs. Interactive tables can be installed in science and technology museums, planning museums, museums, industry exhibition halls, theme parks, corporate exhibition halls and other types of exhibition halls to provide timely services and information query services for the audience. In addition, interactive tables can also play an important role in shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, entertainment venues, new product releases, promotional activities and other commercial and entertainment occasions.

Overall, with its unique functions and advantages, interactive projection table has become an important display and interactive tool in various fields. Its interactive sensing with people allows users to interact with the content in a more intuitive way, enhances the user experience, enriches the display form, and meets the needs of different scenarios. The popularization of interactive table will bring more convenience and innovation to various fields.

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