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L-screen projection in corporate showrooms

2023-08-18  247

Nowadays, many companies want to open their brand showroom for promotion and want to add more interactive experience or technology sense in the showroom. Generally speaking, the equipment related to the technological sense of the showroom are big screen, gobo projector, interactive screen, and so on, and among them, the interactive projection is more popular at present. This article will briefly introduce L-screen projection in the field of 3D stereoscopic interactive projection.

L-screen projection is a combination of virtual reality technology and motion capture technology projection method, which uses the ground screen and straight screen linkage for display, effectively expanding the visual space, giving people a great sense of experience. At the same time, the L-screen projection also adopts the naked eye 3D effect, equipped with 3D stereo sound effect, which makes the audio-visual effect more outstanding. The floor screen is set up in a horizontal or tilted way, while the straight screen is perpendicular to the ground, connecting and transitioning through rounded chamfers. Visitors stand in front of the floor screen and face the straight screen for the viewing experience. The seats are set below the ground, generating a sense of condescending experience, presenting a unique immersive virtual reality effect, i.e., the immediate feeling of naked-eye 3D, giving a particularly stunning display effect.

L curtain projection has a wide range of applications, including museums, science and technology museums, planning museums, planetariums, various types of exhibition halls, exhibition halls, command and control centers, conference rooms, cultural performances, theme activities, entertainment venues, architectural dynamic visual lighting, 3D, 4D cinema, troops, virtual simulation, virtual teaching in schools, as well as industrial virtual simulation and so on.

Although the use of multimedia equipment in the exhibition hall is relatively more, but because of its high cost, many enterprises with limited budget will try to choose multimedia equipment suitable for them. Multimedia equipment in enterprise showroom design is a systematic project, which needs to be customized by professional design team. Therefore, when choosing a showroom design company, try to check their field cases and cooperative brands to ensure that you choose the right team.

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