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Sealing of advertising projection lights is very important

2023-07-11  277

Advertising gobo projector light is a kind of lighting product widely used in the field of advertising and promotion. More and more store owners are equipping their own stores with advertising projection lights. However, due to external factors or factory performance, many advertising projection lights may have tiny gaps in the seal. However, many people who use advertising projection lights don't care much about these minor defects, believing that they don't affect the effectiveness of their use. Below, I will explain in detail the importance of the sealing of the projection lamp.

After using our regular lighting fixtures for a period of time, it is inevitable that dust and insects and mosquitoes will enter them. However, for ordinary lighting fixtures, this effect is not significant. However, for advertising projection lamps, this is a very serious problem. Advertising projection lights work through the lens imaging principle, and the pattern is magnified hundreds of times through the lens. So, what happens if an insect mosquito enters the lamp? This insect mosquito will appear on our projection pattern and be magnified hundreds of times. A small bug becomes a huge black spot on the pattern, which is very distracting. And if the lamp is installed in a high place where it is difficult to clean, this will require you to climb up and down regularly to clean the dust and insects and mosquitoes inside the lamp, which will be a headache for you. Therefore, when choosing a projection light, the sealing of the projection lamp is a key factor that must be taken into account.

Not only that, but if the projection lamp is used outdoors, a poorly sealed projection lamp will result in poor waterproof performance. Although a small amount of rainwater entering the lamp will not immediately cause damage to the lamp, it will accelerate the aging of the lamp and greatly reduce the service life of the lamp.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use and long life of the projection lamp, we need to choose a projection lamp with good sealing performance. Only by ensuring the hermeticity can we effectively prevent dust and insects from entering the interior, and ensure the water leakage resistance of the lamp.

In short, the sealing of the projection lamp is very important. It not only prevents dust and insects and mosquitoes from entering the interior, but also ensures its water leak-proof performance and extends the service life of the product. Therefore, when buying and using advertising projection lights, make sure you pay attention to their sealing performance and choose a brand with good sealing performance. This will ensure the high quality of the advertising projection lamp and provide stable and reliable support for the promotional effect of the store.

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