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Practical scenarios for the use of ground advertising projection lights

2023-07-28  138

In today's society, businesses and individuals know and value the customer experience very highly. Especially in the context of the rapid development of the Internet, a variety of ways to attract traffic are endless. For example, many businesses install ground advertising projection light to attract customers. Some merchants will shout through the sound, some will make eye-catching signboards, and some will display the store's products through media platforms. For some chain stores, I think they should uniformly install colorful gobo projector lights, which can increase the depth of memory for offline customers.

Last year, the Jingdong offline supermarket chain purchased a batch of ground advertising projection light from our company. They purchased these lights mainly to attract customers from offline stores and to form a differentiated advertising display with other small stores. Through exchanges with their colleagues in the marketing department, I learned that in terms of customer segmentation, general stores are opened on the side of the road, and pedestrians passing by will not deliberately look up to watch. Therefore, placing circle gobos on the ground can achieve a conversion rate of about 5 out of 1,000. For this kind of ground advertising projection light, it is required to have a diameter between 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters and a brightness of about 10,000 lumens, so that the logo or advertisement of the store can be clearly visible. Passing pedestrians can also bring good marketing effect. Through communication with the marketing professionals, I realized that they have done a very thorough research in the area of market and customer segmentation.

The above example is just one case of a kiosk. In fact, many offline stores also need this kind of marketing approach. For example, fast food stores, restaurants, noodle shops, teahouses, mahjong parlors and so on. We focus on the research and development and promotion of various scene projection lamps, and constantly launch new products to solve the problems of the market and customers in various fields such as cultural and tourism lighting, industrial skycraper, security warning, advertising cooperation, water pattern dynamics, interactive scenes, etc. We also provide high quality and reasonably-priced products to return to the market and our regular customers.

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