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Benefits of installing door projection lights in restaurants

2023-07-28  140

We went to a potluck dinner last night with our colleagues from Aladdin Projection Lights. At that time, we noticed that the door head of the restaurant where the gathering was held was not very obvious, so we observed the site environment together. We noticed that there was a big wall on the side of the restaurant, and we all agreed that if we installed a door projection light at the front with the words of the new cuisine, it would produce a good traffic diversion effect. Because there is a lot of traffic around. After that we communicated with the owner and showed him the rendering. The owner was very excited and said that he had always hoped to find such a projection light, but never had the time to deal with this matter. This time it just so happened that we recommended him an affordable gobo projector light. When we returned to the office, we customized the pattern and text for the restaurant and look forward to seeing the results after installation.

In fact, door projection light, logo and water pattern lighting are some of the familiar advertising and ambient lighting on the market today. Many customers consult us and ask about the projection distance and brightness of the projection lights, and whether they can customize patterns and texts. Here, I give you an answer. The brightness of a door projection light depends on the wattage purchased. Our products range from 15 watts to 1000 watts. Taking 30 watts as an example, the brightness is fine within a range of 5 meters. With a high power 700 watt lamp, the projection distance can be up to 90 meters. We have a team of professional engineers who can recommend you reasonably priced lamps with appropriate parameters according to your needs.

We, Aladdin Projection Light Company, after years of development, have strong strength and perfect talent pool. We are constantly innovating and providing high quality lighting solutions and after-sales service for various industries in the areas of scenic lighting, industrial overhead crane warning and advertising. We not only focus on improving the quality of our own products, but also committed to continuously improve after-sales service to meet the needs of our customers.

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