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Door head rotating projection light principle

2023-07-25  170

Door head rotating projection light work on two principles: fixture rotation and gobo rotation. The difference between these two principles determines the products used. Advertising rotating projection lamps have the functions of rotating projection display, dynamic projection display and giant advertisement projection display. According to the different functions, rotating projection lamps can be divided into stand rotating projection lamps and gobo rotating projection lamps, which also have different roles. Stand rotating projection lamps can only display some fixed high-profile pattern types, while rotating gobo projector lights can display a variety of different patterns.

Stand rotating projection lamps work by attaching a motor and pulley to the stand. The speed at which the motor rotates represents the speed at which the gobo rotates. However, there are fewer application cases of this type of rotating projection light nowadays because it is easy to lose color and the projection effect cannot meet customers' expectation. However, this type of rotating projection lamp covers a wider range.

The working principle of gobo rotating projection lamp is basically the same as that of bracket rotating projection lamp, except that one of them is visible to the naked eye while the other is hidden inside the product. The light sheet of the gobo rotating projection light is mounted on a motor and held in place with industrial glue. The motor then rotates the light sheet, which causes the gobo to rotate the display as well.

Another common type of rotating projector light product is the kinetic type. The principle of rotation for this type of product is basically the same as the aforementioned, except that it requires the use of two light sheets for a superimposed display. Usually, while the center lamp remains stationary, the lamp next to it rotates, thus creating a combined static and dynamic projection style. This kind of rotating projection lamp also has a relatively wide range of applications.

Through the above introduction, we can clearly understand the working principle of the door head rotating projection light and the differences between different types. Whether it is bracket rotating projection lamp or gobo rotating projection lamp, they all realize dynamic projection display with their unique working principle. The combination of dynamic and static rotating projection lamps further enriches the projection style. These lamps can be used not only for commercial doorway advertising displays, but also for basketball gymnasiums, studios and other applications. Door head rotating projection lamps can provide diversified forms of projection expression, bringing people visual enjoyment and commercial value enhancement.

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