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Logo Projector lights bring better publicity

2023-02-11  246

In this era of information explosion, how to attract consumers' attention and arouse consumers' attention has become the direction of competition for many businesses. In various propaganda means emerge in an endless stream. Projection has undoubtedly become the best choice. Projection advertising has incomparable advantages over traditional advertising. Moreover, with the development of projection technology, projectors, advertising projection lights and other projection equipment have emerged, which have been applied in many fields.


To attract the attention of consumers is the primary purpose of publicity, but the real purpose of publicity is to let consumers have a good impression of the merchants, and finally choose to consume the products of the merchants. So in addition to a clear image, more dynamic, to capture the attention of consumers, projection lights also need to create an ideal atmosphere. Noparde's projection lights are designed from various angles, so that businesses can make reasonable adjustments according to the location of projection or the surrounding environment, so as to create a variety of ideal effects and leave a deep impression on consumers.

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In order to attract the attention of consumers in shopping malls and other places, it is necessary to let customers clearly see the merchants' logo images, advertising slogans and other promotional elements, and Noparde projection lamp, the use of optical projection principle, the use of high brightness light source, the lamp on the propaganda pattern projected on the wall or ground, forming a highly visual impact image display and advertising effect; In addition, Noparde projection lamp also adopts a 6-piece wide-angle lens, which makes the imaging clearer and more natural. The imaging length is 50% larger and the imaging area is twice larger. With the design that the pattern can rotate freely, the imaging effect is more textured and dynamic, which can create a more dynamic atmosphere, win the attention of consumers, and achieve good publicity effect.


It is worth mentioning that Noparde has also designed embedded room number lamp, indoor projection lamp, waterproof rotating projection lamp, multi-picture projection lamp, dynamic water pattern lamp, high-power distance lamp and various types of projection lamp. Each projection lamp has different wattage design, and the projection distance can reach up to 50m. Merchants can choose the appropriate projection lamp according to the distance and installation effect of the projection; In addition, Noparde projection lights are using CREE high-power LED chip, quality is more guaranteed. So, if you want even more publicity, try Noparde projection lights.

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