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Logo projection lamp: a perfect match with the scenic spot

2023-07-21  137

When the tourist attraction meets the logo projection light, it is undoubtedly a perfect match! We were recently involved in a project in a picturesque scenic area, where the projector light combined with the characteristics of the garden area, blended perfectly with the environment, as if it were part of nature.

This scenic area was transformed at night with Ropad's Walking Lights, Aqua Lights and Gobo Projector Lights. These projection lamps not only have the lighting function of ordinary street lamps, but also project patterns on the road surface that represent the characteristics of the scenic area and a variety of scenic shapes. The projection effect is excellent, especially at night, the pattern is clear and realistic. Night tourists have feedback to the scenic area, feel that the projection effect is lifelike, especially in the darker environment, the pattern is more realistic, very suitable for photo sharing. This not only brings more visitor traffic to the scenic area, but also brings a visual feast to the tourists. The lights of the scenic area at night have an additional sense of mystery, which makes people forget to come back.

Walking map lights are usually widely used in tourist attractions, outdoor lighting and holiday atmosphere creation and other occasions. The special feature of this lamp is its dynamic projection, the pattern with the rotation of the lamps and lanterns to show a more realistic effect. Contrast with the surrounding static plants, attracting visitors' eyes naturally fall on the projection effect pattern.

In a scenic spot, the clever use of light and the unique design of the light can make the whole environment vivid. When the tourist attraction meets the Logo projection light, it adds a touch of unique color to the scenic spot. At night, when you walk into this stunning scenic spot, you will feel a kind of beauty that blends with nature, a kind of beauty that is embellished by art. Whether it is day or night, this scenic spot will become the unmissable place in the eyes of every tourist.

When the tourist attraction meets the Logo projection light, they complement each other and bring out a more magnificent scene with each other. On this stage of light, you will feel the perfect fusion of art and nature, and a marvelous journey is waiting for you.

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