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Intelligent projection street light: opening a new outdoor advertising experience

2023-07-20  273

With the rapid development of the times and the updating of technology, information is particularly important in the general trend of industrial upgrading. In the past, information delivery channels were often accompanied by high cost investment and damage to the environment, however, in recent years, the emergence of projection technology has injected new vitality into information advertising and provided a brand new delivery method, especially in the field of outdoor advertising.

In the past, outdoor advertising forms mainly included LED displays, display lights, and LED subtitle banners. However, with the change of digital outdoor advertising, a new kind of intelligent projection street light is gradually emerging. This kind of intelligent street light is installed with projection function on the street light to deliver information in this form, which brings more intuitive cognition to the recipients of the information. This innovation is both novel and interesting.

So, compared to traditional advertising forms, what are the advantages of this new intelligent projection street light advertising?

First of all, while traditional billboards need to be reprinted and reinstalled every time a new advertisement is replaced, streetlight projection ads can be completed in seconds by simply replacing the content in the background. This form of advertising is very flexible and can start or end at any time as needed, giving streetlight projection advertising an advantage over the short cycle of traditional outdoor media.

Secondly, although intelligent projection streetlight advertising requires a higher investment cost in the early stage, its earning capacity far exceeds the investment cost.

In addition, traditional outdoor advertising can usually only be targeted to a specific group, while streetlight gobo projector lights can provide customized advertising content for devices in different locations according to different types of audiences, time, season, weather and other conditions. This provides a better solution for precise placement of advertisements.

Today, projection technology provides a more optimized solution for advertising, which means that projection media is in great demand in the commercial sector. In the outdoor media intelligent street light projection equipment, intelligent street light projection occupies a significant advantage, with its waterproof and dustproof, increased human infrared sensing, automatic projection when people come, automatic shutdown of projection when no one is around, and other functions, which are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The rise of intelligent projection street light brings a brand new experience for outdoor advertising. With the help of advanced projection technology, information delivery becomes more flexible and accurate, while also reducing input costs and environmental burden. It is believed that in the future development, intelligent projection street light will play an increasingly important role in the field of outdoor advertising, bringing more surprises and innovations to the public.

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