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Is there a fan behind the projection lamp affecting waterproofing?

2022-12-03  248

I believe that those who have seen the projection lamp should be able to see that there is a fan behind the projection lamp. In fact, the main function of this fan is to cool the whole lamp body, and there will be a separate fan inside to cool the lamp bead. Through the combination of multiple fans, the heat of the lamp working will be discharged to the outside world to cool the whole lamp body.

And then to get back to the headline, does the fan behind the projection light affect the waterproofing?

In fact, there is no need to worry, the fan is in fact with the lamp bead integrated fixed on the lamp body, there is no gap, and the projection lamp tail waterproof rubber pad, and the bottom of the whole lamp body are coated with waterproof glue, there is no gap, so the projection lamp behind the fan does not affect the waterproof.


Projection lights need to be waterproof and dust resistant to that level is better

The projection lamps on the market are generally waterproof and dustproof level can reach ip65 protection level, ip65 protection level is to completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects and dust, can also prevent the injection of water immersion, ip65 projection lamps can fully meet our outdoor use needs; If you need higher waterproof requirements, you can choose ip68 protection grade projection lamps, IP68 test standard is to put the projection lamp product into the water depth of 10 meters, work for 2 weeks; Put it into water depth of 100 meters, destroy the test for 12 hours, and still maintain the good performance of the product.


In fact, if it is only in the case of ordinary outdoor use needs, ip65 protection level is able to meet the protection requirements, the projection lamp of ip65 protection level can be used outdoors in rainy days without being affected; But if the protection level is more demanding, it can also choose ip68 projection lamps.

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