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Interactive projection ball smashing game: add new ideas for children’s amusement parks

2023-08-19  170

Nowadays, traditional children's amusement parks have lost their competitiveness due to the lack of interactive media, resulting in a decrease in clientele. However, for children, they prefer visually stimulating, colorful and full of fresh entertainment.

The number and content of parent-child interactions are very important to children as they grow up. If we love our children, we should spend more time on parent-child interaction. However, nowadays parents are hard to find the interest to accompany their children to play sand and bocce ball together.

However, the interactive projection ball smashing game is different. The principle of the interactive ball smashing game is to capture and shoot the target image through the motion capture equipment (laser sensor), and then analyzed by the image analysis system, so as to produce the action of the captured object. This kind of motion data combined with real-time image interaction system can make children and parents have fun together, enhance their relationship and develop cooperation ability in the group.

Interactive projection ball smashing game solves the following problems:

1、 bring more customers to the business. This product is novel, entertaining and interactive, attracting more children to play, thus gathering popularity and increasing customer sources.

2、Exercise children's physical quality in all aspects. Through the gobo projector to project a variety of changes in the effect, enrich the children's imagination and creativity.

Interactive smashing ball game is introduced as follows:

Interactive projection ball smashing game combines Projection interactive wall with traditional naughty fort children's favorite ocean pool project. Children can interact with the screen by smashing the ball or tapping with their bare hands, hitting the game elements to score points, and continue to challenge the levels and unlock new scenes.

The advantages of interactive ball smashing game are as follows:

1、Novelty gameplay: Combining Ocean Pool Smash Ball with Multimedia Interactive Projection Light provides a brand-new ball-smashing experience that integrates entertainment, competition and fitness.

2、Strong interactivity: support two-player competitive battles, while more than one person can join the game at any time to exercise teamwork.

3、diverse gameplay: the game theme up to more than a dozen, changing styles, rich and diverse gameplay, attracting children to participate in the game, but also to attract more popularity.

Through the introduction of interactive projection ball game, children's amusement parks injected new vitality and innovative thinking, making the amusement park's entertainment program more diversified. Parents can also participate in the game because they can participate in the game to enhance parent-child relations, but also feel the new fun. The interactive projection ball smashing game brings a brand new melody to children's amusement parks and brings more fun-filled and creative experiences to children.

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