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Innovation and Application of Digital Sandbox Projection

2023-08-15  45


Digital sand table projection is a kind of innovative display method that integrates Interactive projection technology and physical planning of sand table modeling. Through the precise positioning projection function of the gobo projector, the previously produced dynamic effect content is projected onto the physical sand table, which makes the display form more vivid and graphic. At the same time, combined with sound, light and other multimedia display technology, the content, sound commentary, lighting and animation images are accurately projected onto each part of the physical sand table model to create a more realistic visual experience.

Application areas:

Digital sand table projection has a wide range of application areas, and its fast, easy and precise features make it an ideal choice for various industries. It has the ability of dynamic demonstration, real-time updating and quick inquiry, which facilitates parameter revision for richer demonstration effect. The following are the main applicable industries for digital sand table projection:

1、Urban planning: Digital sand table projection can help urban planners to better show the spatial layout of the city, road traffic, building planning, etc., providing intuitive reference for decision makers and promoting the scientific development of the city.

2、Real Estate Demonstration: Through digital sand table projection, real estate developers are able to project real estate project's plan, model room, landscape design, etc. onto the model, so as to let customers understand more intuitively the advantages and characteristics of the project, and to enhance the sales effect.

3、Venue display: digital sand table projection can be used in venue display to show the functional zoning of the venue, seating layout, stage design and so on. The audience can understand the performance information and seating situation through the real-time update of the projection, and make better decisions in advance.

4、Interior Design: For interior designers, digital sand table projection is an innovative and powerful tool. It can project design plans, furniture layouts, decorative effects, etc. onto the sand table model in real time to help customers better understand and evaluate the design plans.

5、Interactive advertising: Digital sand table projection can be combined with touch screen, somatosensory control and other technologies to realize a variety of interactive advertising forms. Not only can it attract eyeballs, but also provide a more personalized advertising experience, bringing higher placement results for advertisers.


The introduction of digital sand table projection has brought many innovative and practical opportunities for various industries. Through the use of projection technology, coupled with Multimedia Interactive Projection Light, it makes the display effect more vivid and realistic, providing the audience with a new visual experience. With the continuous development of the technology, it will show its unlimited potential in more fields and help the development of the industry.

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