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Industrial projector–the case of sharing industrial safety warning

2021-08-28  538

The industrial projector is based on the environmental industry to design products, and it meets up with the need of environmental production in industrial production. And it has the characteristic of high-temperature resistance, dust resistance and high-brightness. The industrial projector plays a safety supervisor role in industrial production activities. Many friends who wish to purchase the industrial projector are worried about the industrial projector used in the workshop, and they are afraid that the projector doesn’t reach our ideal  state. The followings are the editor of the Noparde projector manufacturers shares with our real industrial projector in use and use of different cases.


Industrial projector case:

1. Shenyang Iron and Steel Plant Crane projects safety warning signs to inform workers of paying attention to safety. Casting is an essential step in the forming of industrial products. Because of  high-temperature properties of molten steel, it’s easy to cause safety accidents. In this situation,  as long as the workers increase safety awareness by 100%, the possibilities of accidents can be reduced by more than 50%. This project uses Noparde industrial projectors with 300 watts that projects the safe signs from the height of 100 meters to the workshop. Not only can it avoid equipment that affects everyday work, but it plays an important safety warning.图2

2.Shenyang Iron and foundry workshop projected the safety warning signs on the path of the crane to protect workers’ lives safety. Industrial crane projector is a product which specially develops for crane. Like other industrial projectors, it uses the cree super transparent lamp beads with high brightness and high definition. Industrial projector crane has the advantage of anti-vibration and it’s the perfect safety crane warning projection product. And the project used three 500 watts overhead crane projection lights. The use of industrial projector in this project can not only ensure the safety of workers’ lives, but also improve work efficiency.

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