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How to replace the lamp sheet of the advertising projection lamp?

2023-07-10  154

I believe that those who have purchased gobo projector lights have understood that advertising projection lights only need to replace the lamp piece to replace the content, today we will explain how to replace the lamp piece of the projection light.

First, before replacing the light piece of the advertising projection lamp, we first need to find the location of the projection lamp light piece. Generally speaking, there will be a logo or indication. When we find it, the projection lamp lens will be rotated down.

Second, next, we need to remove the wire and then gently take out the lamp piece glass. We can lightly place the lamp glass in a suitable position in turn to prevent the lamp from falling off or being damaged.

Third, now we can put the new gobo into the projection lamp. When placing the gobo, make sure that the lens is oriented correctly. Generally speaking, the lenses need to be placed upside down to ensure that the projection effect is displayed properly.

Fourth, the final step, we need to snap the wire back to its original position and put the lamp glass back into the projection lamp. Also, remember to put the lens on. After completing these steps, you can try to turn on the power of the projection lamp to see if the lamp sheet is successfully replaced.

The above are the steps for replacing the lamp of the advertising projection lamp, and also the operation method for replacing the content of the advertising projection lamp. When we replace the advertising projection lamp sheet, we need to put the projection lamp sheet into the slot of the advertising projection lamp in the specified order according to the quantity of the lamp sheet and the sequence, and fasten it with the card ring to avoid the shaking of the lamp sheet to affect the quality of the advertising projection. If there is a requirement for the position of the lamp, it should also be placed in the specified position. In addition, in order to facilitate the subsequent use, we also need to properly save the replaced lamp sheet, in order to be ready to replace it again when using.

Through the above steps, I believe that you have mastered the skills of how to replace the lamp of the advertising projection lamp. I hope this article will help you to use the advertising projection lamp more easily and quickly.

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