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How to complete the bridge lighting with water wave projection lamp

2022-06-19  529

With the gradual change of people's living habits, the night economy develops rapidly and gradually becomes an important part of the urban economy.With the development of night tour economy and the development of lighting scenic spots, more and more cities have opened the era of night tour.

Bridge and urban landscape is a mutual companion relationship, the significance of the bridge should not only meet the requirements of transportation, but also reflect the cultural style of the city, the main pattern, bridge lighting design is based on meeting the landscape, but also take into account the traffic safety, as a traffic artery, lighting must meet the road lighting norms.


Mr.Zhang of Bijiang District, Guizhou province, wanted to light a bridge in the ancient city of Tongren to integrate with other lighting buildings in the ancient city, but he did not want to use the traditional and ordinary lighting method, so he contacted the Noparde brand to brighten the bridge.According to the pictures and basic information provided by Mr.Zhang, to complete the lighting in the bridge hole, the bridge hole is 16 meters wide with a span of 53 meters, and want to completely cover the whole bridge hole.


We quickly developed the lighting scheme: because it is a bridge lighting and water echo, so adopt Noparde water wave projection lamp, bridge hole span 53 meters wide 16 meters, want to completely cover, need 4 projection on both sides at the same time, on both sides of the bridge hole with two desk lamp to cast, need 12pcs 300 watts water wave projection lamp, according to this scheme after Mr Zhang is very satisfied, very refreshing payment arrangement

桥梁亮化 (2)

Finally present the effect is also very extraordinary, close water swaying, the fish in the river seems to want to jump out of the water to take a look, far look past the whole bridge as if bridge flowing blue ripples, seems to drift with Guizhou Tongren evening wind, not only completed the bridge lighting, also better connected the ancient city of Tongren and the hearts of the tourists.

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