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How to adjust the projection patterns for the advertising projector

2021-10-07  461

Advertising projector refers to the projection advertising lamp product, which is divided into a led light source and a laser light source. And the advertising projector is the first choice product in the line of the advertising projection. Advertising projector product with different light sources has different requirements for projection. The following are some effects of adjusting the projection pattern size of the high-power advertising projector with the led light source.

The power also distinguishes a high-power advertising projector. In general, the greater the power, the larger the pattern will be projected under the same projection environment and distance. The greater the power, the sharper the pattern will be projected. Generally, as long as you adjust the projection interval or the projection angle, you may need to adjust the focal length to ensure the clarity of the projected picture.

The normal focus adjustment method is as follows: if you adjust the projection interval is lower than the current best resolution interval, for example, the current projection interval is 3 meters, and the projection resolution is good; but the user needs to shorten the projection interval to 2 meters. At this time, we need to adjust the focus to the left under the condition of facing the projected picture. It’s not until it is adjusted to the best definition.

The effect of the pattern’s size for the high-power advertising projector:
The angle that we need to use the high-power advertising projector is rarely straight. It usually has a certain evil angle, that’s to say, and the logo needs to be projected diagonally. But if the high-power advertising projector is projected obliquely, will the projected pattern be affected?

The problem has 2 situations. If you consult the high-power manufacturer, the corresponding projection plan will be provided; if you require oblique projection, the projector manufacturer also has the technology to adjust the lens to the correct position. But we should pay attention to that the projection pattern may be stretched when buying the projector and installing it.

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