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How much is the water wave projector?

2021-09-17  569

If you want to know how much is the water wave projector, first of all, you need to understand the product structure of the water wave projector. The different raw materials used in different product structures will lead to product differences between the prices.

The water wave projector products are composed of light chips, light bulbs, and power supplies. The water wave projector parts about the price of different brands are different. The median price is different. For example, the core of the water wave projector, lamp bulbs and power supplies. The price of imported light bulbs from overseas may need to be several hundred dollars. If you choose some small domestic brands of light bulbs, the price may only need some dollars, so different raw materials will cause drastic changes in the price of the water wave projector.

These factors mainly determine the price of water wave projector:
1. The water wave projector has a great influence on the power supplies. Different power supplies may cause huge price differences. For example, Noparde water wave projector products use Philips power supplies, and the price difference between Philips power supplies and domestic power supplies is very large.

2. The lamp bulbs are important factors in affecting the water wave projector’s price. The quality of the lamp bulbs decides on the brightness and overall life of the water wave projector. It is the key of the projectors; Compared with the domestic niche brand bulbs, the price and quality gaps between overseas imported lamp beads such as Kerui's imported lamp beads are very large.

3. The different brand of the water wave projector is different in price. Because of referring to the brand of product, what is sold in this era is not the product but the brand and reputation. The quality of the brand determines the final pricing plan of the product itself.

The price of our special power water wave projector:
the water wave projector of 15 watts is more than 38 dollars; its 25 watts is more than 50 dollars; the water wave projector of 50 watts is more than 85 dollars. The price of an available water wave projector is affected by the function, such as indoor water wave projector and outdoor water wave projector. There is a certain difference. So how much the projector do you need to determine with your projection environment and the customization requirements. If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to us!

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