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How is the pattern of the advertising logo projector customized?

2022-06-01  515

With the wide application of advertising logo projector, we more or less have a certain understanding of the projection lamp- -projection lamp is the use of the optical projection principle, the use of high brightness light source, the LOGO lens pattern content projected to the wall or ground of the building, forming a very visual impact image display and advertising effect.As well as novel and special media forms, dynamic visual effects, can well attract the attention of consumers.Not only can carry out advertising projection, store publicity, but also can be used in the identification warning, lighting projects.Replacing the content only requires changing the logo lens


Do you know how the patterns of advertising logo projector are customized?

The design of Noparde advertising logo projector is ultra high definition high temperature coating lens, high color index, more real and bright color, whether it is real portrait photos or gradual colorful auspicious clouds can be perfectly presented, the projection pattern is clearer, and the details can be clearly displayed

According to the personal needs of the projection content is privately logo customized, and then by a professional laser engraving machine engraved on the logo lens, installed in the light can be projected.The surface of the lens is inorganic, so even if used for four or five years, you do not have to worry about posters like posters, after high temperature exposure, or wind and rain to fade, the color is more bright and lasting.


Noparde logo projector not only attaches great importance to the material of the logo lens, but also repeatedly check the carving details before and after the carving pattern, to ensure that the pattern color, shape, content and details are consistent with the customer need, and will be installed for further test and delivery.

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