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Guangming District Parking Lot Warning Projection Light Project

2022-06-09  579

According to statistics, 3172 million newly registered motor vehicles were registered nationwide in 2021, and the number of motor vehicles has reached 327 million.With the increase of car owners, large and small parking lots, but at the same time, the parking lot safety accidents also emerge in an endless stream, especially at the entrance of the parking lot, turning, some parents are neglected to prevent, children play near the parking lot, it is easy to lead to tragedy

In early may, Shenzhen bright area, head of the parking lot at the same time contact we want to order a batch of parking lot use warning signs, asked after know is the traffic police department requires each parking lot, village box entrances need to install warning lights to remind vehicles and residents, has purchased installed more than 60 sets of Noparde safety warning projection lamps, also in communication subsequent products.


So what makes so many customers trust the Noparde brand?

The first is the product quality and the projection effect.

This batch of customers first received warning projector lamp is Mr Li, clear effect, gorgeous color, high performance, and waterproof performance makes him very satisfied, It can't wait to share in their parking lot group, instantly conquered the other hesitant head of the parking lot, share links after you find Noparde brand want to customize.


And with the professionalism and patience of the customer service staff.

In the face of so many customers and so trust us, customer service little brother for every customer repeatedly to introduce the performance of the product, recommended product wattage, and even some customers did not think of the problem, also think of customers.Such as the south China sea department store, head of the Mr Wang parking lot entrance is not in a position, customer service little brother careful pattern on the original "vehicle" entrance "into", and help Mr Wang's pattern wrote "south China sea department warm prompt you", can reflect the south China sea department store to the guest travel safety.It is such a small one and other details are enough to make customers to Noparde brand praise, trust!


Finally, Noparde brand also reminds you: whether driving or traveling, we should pay attention to more observation, safe travel, safe home, not only for themselves but also responsible for other families!

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