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Glowing crosswalk projection lights

2022-07-20  598

According to statistics, every minute in China, one person is disabled by a car accident, every minute and one dies every five minutes. About 100,000 people die every year. More than 80% of the accidents are responsible for drivers, and the surrounding environment or fatigue driving accounts for a large proportion. We must pay attention to such bloody numbers.

So how can we reduce or avoid the danger?


And due to insufficient light at night, old and damaged zebra crossings are often difficult to attract the attention of drivers and travelers, leading to tragedy. But the spray-painted zebra crossing after the sun is inevitable, what can replace its products? Noparde zebra crossing projection lamp is a very good choice- -its "luminous" feature, which is used by many cities at home and abroad in the night zebra crossing projection, and the effect is very significant.


The Noparde projection lamp projects the zebra crossing for projection on the desired position through the principle of optical imaging. The imported Osram lamp beads and the unique optical lens from Germany ensure the brightness of the zebra crossing for projection


And Noparde brand research projector, a variety of large proportion lens optional, can achieve close but huge frame imaging, compared to other manufacturers 10 meters distance projection only 3 meters in diameter, Noparde brand crosswalk projector lamp 10 meters distance can project 10 meters in diameter, compared with spell lamp, Noparde zebra crosswalk projector lamp can be done, not only the image clear, even if the environment dim dozens of meters also can be clearly seen, thus greatly reduce the traffic safety problems caused by the bad light, so as to ensure the safety of travel.

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