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Door sign projection light can replace the luminous characters?

2023-08-10  274

Door sign projection light, also known as advertising projection lamp, is a kind of business necessary advertising lamps and lanterns. At night, the door sign projection light can replace the traditional illuminated letters, the store signs through the projection on the wall display, the use of light to attract customers' attention, play a certain role in attracting traffic. We are the manufacturer of gobo projector and can provide customized service according to customer's needs.

The uses of the door sign projection light include:

1、 can be projected directly on the doorway to attract customers to stop.

2、It can project the store sign and slogan on the background wall.

3、It can be projected on the wall to enhance the atmosphere of the store.

4、Can be projected outdoors, play the role of publicizing the enterprise.

5、Can project QR code on the wall to provide payment link.

6、Can project the room number door plate, play a guiding role.

Through the above introduction, we understand the use of door sign projection light. Next, let's understand the specific role of luminous characters to see if we can directly correlate the two. Luminous characters are mainly used for store signage, so from the use of performance, the use of headboard projection lamps and luminous characters is the same, there is a direct correlation between them. Therefore, the door sign projection light can be used as an alternative to the illuminated letters.

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