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Comparison of the effect of indoor water wave projector and outdoor water wave projector

2022-01-14  462

As a light to create atmosphere, the water wave projectors are divided into indoor and outdoor. In addition to the difference of indoor and outdoor water wave projectors, the water wave projectors are also divided into monochromatic water wave projector, double-color water wave projector, full-color water wave projector, monochromatic water wave projector refers to the water wave projector product of single-color projection, and the two-color water wave projectors are also well understood as the water wave projectors of two colors.

The only thing to note is that the full-color water wave projectors refer to the water wave projection of 5 colors. Because the water wave projector is based on the customers’ habits, the manufacturer only provides a 5-colors water wave projector. Customers can contact the manufacturer if the they have other special colors, and the water wave projector needs to be customized.

The followings are the difference between the indoor and outdoor water wave projectors that Noparde can distinguish with them.

1.The difference of waterproof: common manufacturers only provide non-waterproof indoor water wave projectors. Even if they have waterproof performance, the waterproof lever is lower. But providing the outdoor water wave projectors is equipped with the waterproof function. In general, waterproof above IP65 level ensures that the water wave projector can use in various outdoor environments.

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2.The power difference: the water wave projector that we used generally belongs to a low-power projector. But the outdoor water wave projector uses a large power projector above 150 watts water wave projector to adapt to various complex outdoor environments.

3.The difference in the projection environment: Generally, an indoor water wave projector only needs to purchase a low-power water wave projector that matches the projection needs. While outdoor water wave projectors generally require detailed projection due to the large changes in the projection environment, a detailed project plan can determine the use of a plan of water wave projector.

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