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How difficult is it for the projection lamp industry to obtain the first CCC certification enterprise

2021-06-24  1,570

With the rise of projection lights, many customers are very important about projection lights this product, but more and more various projection lights brands on the market, how to choose it?

For many customers who do not know projection lights and have high requirements for product quality, especially those for project bidding, Noparde brand decided to be the first person to eat crab and apply for the industry's first CCC certificate.

But the preparation process is also extremely difficult, to know that 3c certification represents the product quality is recognized by the country, from June to prepare materials, factory review, send samples, spent half a year of time, finally got the CCC certification certificate at the end of November.

From the very beginning of the improvement of the material system, from the product procurement end to the strict control of material quality, all material companies must have business license, specifications, quality assurance, testing report and other certificates, all materials do not use three no products, from the source to control product quality. Before warehousing, it must be tested by specialized personnel before warehousing, and then establish a complete material system to ensure the source of materials and product quality.

Because the CCC certification process is extremely strict, the equipment information alone is a large bundle, from the product instructions, work instructions, and engineering drawings have to be prepared one by one.

And product quality is also a very important pass, a variety of high voltage instruments, grounding resistance test after the products meet the requirements, sent to professional testing institutions China quality center testing, meet the conditions, and then by the CQC organization review factory, after the smooth pass to get the CCC certificate.

This proves that Noparde brand projection lamp whether from the material end, production end, production and inspection department is a very perfect system, not only proves the quality of Noparde brand products, but also can prove the brand strength of Noparde!

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