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Can the ground projection lamp replace the content?

2021-12-10  428

Whether the ground projection lamp replaces the content, we need to know what is the ground projector, and what function it has. The ground projector product is a projection product that we see. Now projectors are called advertising projectors in the market. The ground projector has a clear projection, low energy consumption for advertising and projection, and the dynamic projection display effect will make the advertising effect better. The ground projector is a brand-new advertising medium. It uses high-power projection equipment and high-power optical projection principles. And it cooperates with a variety of dynamic effect accessories to project the advertising content onto the produced light film onto the projection advertising surface required by the customer to form a very visually impact outdoor or indoor dynamic advertising effect.
Can the ground projector replace the content?
We have known the specific functions of the ground projector products, and it is ordinary advertising projector products. Before we knew the advertising projector could replace the content. Therefore, the ground projector can also replace the content.


The followings are some details about replacing the projection lamp.
1. The ground projector is the same as the advertising projector. Replacing the content is replacing the lamp beads. Therefore, we can contact the manufacturer to make the lamps.
2. Pay attention to the bulb's temperature when changing the lamp's content. That's to say, when continuously using the blub, the surface temperature of the bulb will increase.
3. The waterproof glue must be applied when changing to waterproof glue. Otherwise, it will damage the whole projector.

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