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A good partner for lighting engineering—water wave projector

2022-01-07  509

It is not strange for everyone when it comes to water wave projectors. Compared with the traditional floodlights, wall washers and other floodlights, structure lighting fixtures and traditional beam lights, lights, and other stage performance lights.

The water wave projectors are light, which first appeared in stage effects. According to the plot and atmosphere, various natural scenes are simulated. The water wave projector is now commonly used in outdoor lighting with the further pursuit of “beauty” in landscape lighting.

A park is a holy place for internet celebrities to check in with cool and beautiful lights. The newly installed artistic lighting in the park has attracted many citizens to take pictures. The colorful and changeable patterns dress up a dreamy world. Floodlights, pattern lights, water wave projectors and other projectors are scattered worldwide. Gorgeous butterfly pattern lights are projected on the trails, and colorful patterns reflect green trees. The perfect combination of lights and plats decorates the entire park. And the water wave projector is projected on the wall, making people feel relaxed and happy.


Many sets of variable-color water wave projectors were projected on the beach in a light show, showing sparkling waves of different colors in sequence and giving citizens a brand new night experience. The variable color water wave projector can change to six colors in sequence, and the length of the color change can be controlled by remote control. The most eye-catching thing is the golden-red Koi next to it wagging its tail in the water.


At present, most of the projectors on the market after condensing have too large an astigmatism range, which seriously reduces the imaging effect. But the Noparde projector effectively solves this problem. The center and the edge of the spot have the same definition, high luminous efficiency, uniform transmission spot and excellent wave effect.

Lighting projector manufacturer-- landscape lighting projection A square covered with the water ripple and fluttering pattern attracts more people to take pictures