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Working principle and features of commercial advertising LOGO projector

2022-07-13  749

Commercial advertising LOGO projector is the use of optical projection principle, using high brightness light source, the LOGO lamp sheet pattern content projected on the wall or ground of the building, forming a strong visual impact of the image display and advertising effect. Its characteristics of high arrival rate, as well as novel and special media forms, dynamic visual effect, can well attract the attention of consumers.


Features of the commercial advertising logo projection lamp:

Compared with ordinary posters, light boxes and billboards, the projection lamps have the following obvious characteristics:

  1. Environmental protection and safety: the projection content can overcome the limitations of ordinary billboards and light boxes, easy to fade, easy to artificial damage and daub pollution. Its optical principle imaging, less power consumption, light weight, no damage to the floor and ground, without affecting the site environment and overall planning, without any pollution, and strong wind resistance.
  2. Novel and fashion: Advertising content is the first case at home and abroad, Henan Hua County, Guangxi Qinzhou North, Guangzhou Nansha Binhai Park, Shenzhen Nanshan Yongjing Bay, Tianjin Haichang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Yan'an Peony Garden and so on have very successful cases


  1. Flexible and efficient delivery: the content of projection lamp pattern can be replaced; the equipment is put once, and used for many times, which is convenient for seasonal promotion.
  2. Animation and other novel effects: dynamic is the most attractive visual element. Projection advertising, through the application of some special technologies, can produce many novel effects, such as rings, clocks, wind movement and so on, which can more effectively attract the sight of people's eyes.


  1. Low cost: I believe that every enterprise that wants to put advertising knows that the production cost of traditional billboards and light boxes is very expensive and the approval procedures are very complicated. And the production cost of projection lamp is very low, the magic beam magic of projection lamp can make all cheap receptors (wall, road, ground, etc.) into a beautiful advertisement. With the low cost to harvest the extraordinary effect, every visionary advertiser wise choice.
  2. Convenient installation: the traditional light box installation is both time-consuming and laborious, consuming not a lot of manpower and material resources, and can not attract the attention of consumers for a long time. The lights will help you save all the inconvenience and let you complete the tedious work in a short time.


  1. Flexible and convenient content replacement: Every shop owner knows that the replacement of traditional light boxes and billboards is very troublesome. And projection lights only need to change the pattern inside the lamp can achieve the replacement of content.
  2. Small environmental damage: the ordinary display effect and advertising equipment need to be installed and fixed on the wall or ground, thus causing certain damage to the wall and ground; the projection lamp does not produce any damage to the projection surface.
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