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Where can the logo floor projector be used

2022-03-22  402

With the rapid development of The Times, gobo projector lamp are also more and more common, for example, we can go shopping, eat, walk everywhere can see the figure of projection lights.But a lot of people do not know where the logo floor projector should be used, to introduce it to you


If I had a small shop, it had just opened, or it might have been open for many years.New store use, you can project the store name, logo, new store activities, etc., quickly attract attention and drainage, let everyone pay attention to our store know our activities;

The old store uses it, you can project the store name, logo, interesting copy, etc., to create a personalized differentiation of the store, but also can do decoration in the store, let everyone shine at the moment, and drainage again

If I am a big road, I may occasionally see a pedestrian running a red light, there are vehicles illegal stop, then you can use a logo floor projector to project a pedestrian attention or illegal stop photo, warning

If I were a shopping mall, I might often meet people asking for directions, finding the cinema, the bathroom, the elevator...


Then I can use the logo floor projector to project the guide sign, give you guidance, but also can project carefully slide in the door of the bathroom, elevator projection carefully steps, corridor projection safety exit, not only can prompt, but also can improve the user experience

If I were an exhibition hall, I can project some notes like customers who do not know our brand and products, let them know us better, and also show the technology and diversity of our brand.The same applies to animal and botanical gardens, aquarium, and so on


Noparde logo floor projector, the content can be customized, the designer free design, change the content only need to change the lamp section.Well, today first to introduce here, interested partners can contact us more!


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