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What’s the life of the projection lamp?

2021-11-25  528

Maybe everyone has heard about the projector products, the projector products belong to electronic products, and every electronic product has its life. So what's the life of projectors, and whether it can be used for a long time without interruption.

To understand the projector's life, firstly, we must understand the composition of the project or product; the projector product is composed of such components as the projector film, the projector bulb, the projector housing and the projector power supply. The bulb directly affects the life of the projector. It is necessary to be measured according to the actual situation. For example, different usage habits will affect the service life of projector products. It is generally recommended that projector products be used after sufficient power is turned off. But if you choose to use it while charging, it may greatly reduce the overall life of the projector.




The average lifespan of available projector bulbs is about 5000 hours, and the common LED projection lamps also have 3000 hours. Aladdin projector lamp life is up to 50000 hours. Using American Cree's imported lamp beads, the product life is about 20000 hours longer than that of ordinary LED bulbs on the markets as the projector bulb. The projector as mentioned above bulb life is the average value of the test, and individual products may have a certain slight difference, but as long as you use the correct method of use, the projector blubs will reach 50000 hours.


Can the projector be used for a long time?

From the performance of the product, the projector can be used for a long time without interruption. We can't guarantee other brands, but Noparde projector is a professional projector manufacturer. The projector products developed and manufactured by the Noparde use Cree imported lamp beads. Meanwell power supply supports long-term projection work. It is necessary to consider the stability of the product and the long service life, and it is recommended that the projector be used for a long time to get proper rest.

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