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What is the function of the led gobo projector lamp?

2022-05-26  598

I believe careful you will also find that whether it is to the shopping mall or eat in the roadside shop, many stores will have a clear and conspicuous aperture, which may write the store name, may write the activity, may also be a more humorous copy, this is the Noparde led gobo projector.

There will be a lot of shops and businesses do not know what the effect of the led sign projection lamp, we will answer questions for you!


You will also find that stores on the market is basically billboards, light words, light boxes, posters, etc., is not to say that the advertising is bad, just because in this changing era, more and more competitive, rigid traditional advertising has been unable to attract the attention of consumers for a long time, we have to find more intuitive more efficient more attractive drainage.

Like the led sign projection lamp is a new publicity tool, the principle of light imaging makes the projected pattern bright eye more clear, not like the light box poster in the wind and the sun will become dirty and old, fade, the Osram lamp beads used in the lamps and lanterns to make the pattern more lasting beautiful, easy drainage a second eyeball.


And the content of Noparde led gobo projector free design, support private customization, whether the store name, logo, activities, contact information, main products or copywriting can be projected, more diverse and more colorful.If we go to dinner with friends, two restaurant decoration, one of the restaurant door used I less common advertising projection lamp, write the current preferential activities, some novel copy, etc., another store may be posted a poster, even if we don't know which store service better taste better, also more likely to be more novel and interesting shop, more willing to try.

The replacement content is also very simple, unlike the light box and so on to change the word all the content needs to be reworked, Noparde brand signature projection lamp replacement content only need to change the lamp can be, simple, convenient, more efficient, more cost-effective.The service life is as long as about 5 years, equivalent to a few hundred yuan to solve the advertising problem of about 5 years, the equipment is input at a time, the whole season is available


And led sign projection lamp not like light is just a rigid static picture, sign or 360 degrees in situ, or like lamp pattern automatic switch, or like water grain lamp water ripple slowly flow... more fresh more novel features, not only passers-by will be caught, also do not know word children will be quickly attracted, they on the projection pattern, fun, laugh, shop door more lively, children's parents take a photo video to share, for our shop is also a free promotion

So a small led sign projector can bring us greater help, whether it is drainage effect, advertising, deepen the impression of the store on other consumers, or cost performance, service life, the effect of the led gobo projector is outstanding.


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