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What does gobo projector do?

2023-04-15  448

A gobo projector is a lighting device that projects a pattern or image onto a surface using a metal or glass stencil known as a "gobo." The gobo acts as a filter to shape and control the light coming from the projector, creating various visual effects, such as textures, patterns, and images.


Gobo projectors are commonly used in theatrical and architectural lighting to add atmosphere and enhance the visual impact of a space. They can be used to create stunning effects like starry night skies, corporate logos, and intricate patterns.


Gobos can be customized with any design, including graphics, text, and images, making them a versatile tool for branding and advertising. Gobo projectors come in different sizes, brightness levels, and types of light sources, including LED, halogen, and metal halide.


Overall, gobo projectors are an excellent way to add interest and personality to any space or event.

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