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Water ripple projector lamp with small Sanya ” -fish angzhou happy waterfront can be so beautiful

2022-04-26  835

Winter night late, night fog scattered, Xiao Xiahui.The night of Chengdu, in the story of light and shadow.Say "little Sanya" - -Xiangyang Yuangzhou happy waterfront, under the night like a beauty with new clothes, shining colorful.Walking in this charming night scene, you can occasionally hear the admiration of the residents and tourists

It is understood that in order to let the public enjoy the magnificent scenery of the waterfront at the same time, but also through the light and shadow of time memory, Yuliang Zhou happy waterfront on the night landscape and wisdom park for an all-round building, to hand over a satisfactory answer to the public!

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Yuliang Zhou happy water bank is located in the Han River, far to see a blue corridor winding up-is covered by a number of Noparde water ripple projector lamp !People say that the sea can cure the bad mood, and Noparde water ripple projector lamp realistic romantic effect also completely has the super ability-water lamp is the two transparent toughened glass, rotating in the opposite direction, plus the light refraction and imaging principle, will present a beautiful water fluctuation effect.

Realistic and clever water lines to the beach, the river are all covered with full, the Han River night unique beauty, coupled with the Han River blowing from the evening wind, let people some relaxed and happy ~

Although it is at night on the beach is also in groups of people, children running in the water grain ah jump ah very happy!Adults are sitting on the beach to chat, people look up here, listen to the waves of the river whispering, to the distant stars, the good wishes through blessing, sent to the distance!


Not far from the lights of the tall buildings and Fengchick Bridge are reflected on the water, the shadow water ripple projector lamp and the Han River if there is no light on the other, the clear sparkling water lines seem to have a kind of rippling mood under the caress of the evening wind.Under the night, the Han River seems far and near, and then hear the sound of the waves... new scenery, bottom charm, nature, light scenery, harmony in one.Already is a "drunk after I do not know the day in the water, full ship clear dream pressure stars" night gouache painting, let a person linger!Light and shadow virtual and real, microwave ripples, light overflow color let a person wrong to walk in the sea!

Also came across a little girl playing hand fireworks, I saw bright fireworks flying out, dazzling, long water grain seems to be gorgeous fireworks layer of ripples, in the quiet environment to add a dynamic beauty


Recommend you have the opportunity to go to Xiangyang City, walk along the Yanjiang Avenue, go to the Han River blowing, in the water lights play, see Guo Jing, Yu Ban these heroes love places, full of interesting water ripple projector lamp and the Han River will leave you a very good memory!

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