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Warning projection lights for the residents of Yangzhou City Baoying County driving safety escort

2022-05-20  843

Li Bai once said that "under Yangzhou in March", the streets of Baoying County in Yangzhou City gradually become vibrant under the baptism of spring rain.The trees began to shade, and the flowers began to bloom.

But under this beauty, there are some driving safety risks

- -As the weather warms up, more people go out for walks at night, but it will bring inconvenience to their travel at night.


Thick trees will block the dim street lights, pedestrians may not notice the old zebra crossing, driving cars may not see the passers-by, especially the elderly who get up early to exercise, sanitation workers at night, children who go out to school, may be easy to lead to tragedy.

In recent days, residents of Baoying County, Yangzhou City should find that the zebra crossing, which had become old and incomplete, has become a bright and clear colorful zebra crossing at night. In fact, this is also the convenience brought by the government of Baoying County, Yangzhou City.

Replacing the ordinary zebra crossing by using the Noparde warning lamp "the more beautiful the night".Compared with ordinary zebra crossings, the environment is dark at night, and the sun and rain are blurred or even disappeared

Noparde brand warning projection is using the principle of light imaging, through the spotlight bead refraction coating lens, long-distance projection image large, but still bright color, super bright, even at night can clearly see was seen, safe " traffic safety concept in a lamp, and it does not fade, long service life characteristic is loved by people at home and abroad!


According to the data, there were 164,358 traffic accidents in Russia in 2019, killing 16,981 people and injuring 210,877 people, which made them pay attention to traffic safety issues.Shenzhen Noparde, which is more than 4,000 kilometers away from Russia, has become their partner, and they have become loyal buyers of warning lights.

Is the five-hour time difference in Russia not worried about the quality of the zebra crossing projection lights?They worry, of course, but because the lamps, product accessories are mostly imported abroad, plus pard brand focus on projection lamp industry for 8 years, lamps service life for 50000 hours, multiple patent certificate pard brand, its professional and the effect of the product itself give their trust, after buying two samples began long-term cooperation.


And Noparde warning projection can not only customize zebra crossing patterns, such as pedestrian attention, illegal stop photo, attention to construction, safety passage and other content can be customized, the replacement content only needs a higher pattern lamp, simple, convenient and more cost-effective!

I believe that with the support of the national government and the unremitting efforts of the Noparde brand, our transportation facilities will certainly be better at night, and the traffic safety issues will also be better improved!

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