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The notice of choosing a high projector

2021-10-14  493

In general, outdoor large-scale or long-distance advertising needs to use high-power projector lamp products. Generally, we refer to projection lamps with more than 150W as high-power projectors. A high-power projector is generally used for large-scale projections of buildings, which is called architectural projections. The advantages are that they have large areas, strong three-dimensionality and light and shadow transformation. And they can maintain super popularity for a long time and realize the purpose of publicizing customers' themes.


We have had some knowledge of the high-power projector products, but what should we pay attention to when choosing?

First of all, when choosing a high-power projector, we should find a high-power manufacturer purchase. In addition, we should choose the best price and ensure the products' quality. After all, the high power belongs to the types and products of electronics. It's important to choose the product's performance.

Secondly, choosing the high-power, we should clarify our needs:

1. Projection distance ( the farther the distance is, the more power is needed for the product, and the higher the price will be)

2.Projection pattern size ( for the same projection distance, the large the pattern required, the greater the power of the projection lamp, the more expensive the price)

3.The color, material, flatness, etc. of the projection surface (the selection and projection effect of the gobo, the poor projection surface needs to increase the power of the projection lamp to compensate)

4.Projection angle (less than 30 degrees, and the limit can't be greater than 45 degrees. Otherwise, the pattern will be severely deformed, and the pattern can't be focused clearly)


The relations between the lens and the size of the projection pattern:

large pattern lens: 1:0.6

Pattern size = projection distance x 0.6; the maximum projection distance is 30 meters

Small pattern lens: 1:0.12

Pattern size = projection distance x 0.12; the maximum projection distance is 100 meters

Standard lens:1:0.27

Pattern size = projection distance x 0.27; the maximum projection distance is 100 meters

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Flying birds and sunset merge into a beautiful landscape projected by the Noparde projector lamp The dynamic pattern projected by the projection lamp that some people are playing on it and some people are taking pictures