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The importance of waterproof outdoor gobo projector

2022-03-12  482

Winter goes to spring ,everything is SuMeng.Yesterday was a good season for the start of spring,bringing you warmth and hope,everything gradually recovery.We looked at the warm sunshine in the window,but could not help thinking of the beautiful picture of the falling spring rain.

Beauty is very beautiful,but are you worried about whether your newly installed advertising projection lights can be waterproof? After all,rain is fatal to all the outdoor equipment that needs to use electricity as the energy,so the waterproof problem of projection lamps is very important!


If you want to use it outdoors,of course,choose ours waterproof outdoor gobo projector!

First of all,from the apperance of the material,ours waterproof outdoor gobo projection lamps are used in aluminum alloy material,excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance so that the projector lamps can be safely installed outdoors.

And ours waterproof outdoor gobo projector adopts an integrated design,waterproof sealing is better and more corrosion resistant,Kraft waterproof sealant+polymer high temperature resistant material waterproof silicone pad waterproof effect is better.


Ip65-Ip67 waterproof grade,environmental protection,safety,power saving,waterproof and dust proof,the whole lamp using anodized process,do not worry about the sun and rain will rust failure,in strict accordance with the waterproof grade testing,qualified delivery,service life up to 50000 hours.

As a professional brand of research and developmet and production of projection lamps,Noparde store has received all praise with major outdoor lighting projects and logo projection of store doors,which is not only the recognition of waterproof projection lamps.but also the affirmation of ours!


Winter will come to spring ,which is a new beginning.May our Noparde store partners live up to the good spring scenery,and also wish for peace and prosperity!

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