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The importance of virtual sign projector to production safety

2022-02-24  733

With the advent of the short video era,more and more information is obtained by using"fragmented time".I believe that you have also seen safety accidents in some factories due to irregular and inconspicuous warning signs on the Internet.These bloody lessons have made people pay more attention to the importance of production safety.

But how to solve the problem of high noise an inconspicuous warning signs in factories?


The Noparde virtual sign projector adopts 6 layers of high-transmittance and high-quality double-sided coated lenses,as well as Osram lamp beads imported from Germany.The high-brightness lamp beads and super focusing lens make the image more clear and beautiful.And the lens adopts anti-slip technology to avoid high-frequency vibration installed on cranes,cranes and other machines,which may cause the lens to fall and cause accidents.


And the pattern is too bright and the frame is too small.There are many optional lenses for the Noparde virtual sign projection lamp,which can achieve the effect of close up and large imaging,so that the staff can be reminded to avoid safety accidents when they ar far away.

The installation of the lamp is simple the convenient.It can be installed with a pull-out screw.The lens can be adjusted 360 degrees.The anti-drop chain installed on the lamp body can also avoid the problem of some customers worrying about the fallinf of the lamp.


Noparde virtual sign projector can really achieve low prices but achieve unexpected surprises,ensuring production safety.

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