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Signage projection light: bring unlimited effect to the store

2023-07-24  170

Nowadays, whether it is a shopping mall or a small roadside store, everyone will find that there is always a bright and conspicuous aperture at the entrance. The aperture may be written with the name of the store, or promotional activities, or even a funny and humorous copy. This is the sign gobo projector.

For many businessmen, the role of sign projection lights is not understood, so let's find out!

The store advertising methods on the market today are mainly billboards, luminous characters, light boxes, posters flyers and so on. It is not that these advertising methods are not good, just in this ever-changing era, the competition is getting more and more intense. Those dull traditional advertising has been unable to attract the attention of consumers for a long time, so we need to find a more intuitive, efficient, eye-catching way to attract traffic.

Signage projection light is a new type of promotional tool, its optical imaging principle makes the projected pattern more bright and clear. Unlike the light box poster, the signboard projection lamp will not become dirty and old, lose color and fade because of the wind and sun. It adopts OSRAM lamp beads, which makes the pattern long-lasting and beautiful, attracting eyes in a second.

What's more, the content of the Signage Projection Light can be designed according to personal ideas, supporting private customization. Whether it's the name of the store, logo, activities, main products or copy, they can all be displayed through the projection with more diverse and rich content.

Replacing the content is also very simple, you do not need to recreate all the content like a light box, just replace the light sheet. Simple, convenient, efficient and more cost-effective. The service life of this equipment is up to about 5 years, equivalent to a few hundred dollars of investment can be solved for 5 years of advertising and promotion, an investment, available all season.

In addition, the signage projection light is different from the luminous characters only present static images. It can rotate 360 degrees, can also automatically switch between multiple light patterns, and can even imitate the slow flow of water ripples. Vivid and lively, more innovative and unique, not only to attract the eyes of passers-by, but also attract those illiterate children.

They frolic, play and laugh incessantly on the projected patterns, making the store entrance more lively. The parents of the kids will take photos or videos and share them out, which is a free publicity and promotion for our store. Therefore, a small sign projection light can bring us great help, whether it is the effect of traffic diversion, advertising, enhancing the impression of the store to other consumers, or the cost-effectiveness and longevity, it is outstanding!

In short, the signage projection light brings incomparable effect to the store. In the fierce market competition, it can make the store stand out and attract more customers' attention. Whether it is a new store or an old one, you can win customers' favor by projecting patterns. Let's seize this favorable tool and inject new vitality into our store!

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